I am a professional cellist and with the many hours of repetitive motion that I do every week massage is a crucial part of keeping my body healthy. I have worked closely with Angela for several years. She is very knowledgeable and skilled in her practice. I am able to communicate with her about what parts of my body are in pain and she not only helps me by doing massage but also with basic posture and anatomy so that I can make adjustments in my practice to stay healthier in between our sessions. I highly recommend Angela as a massage therapist and cranial sacral practitioner!

- Chandrika Prem (Lakewood, CO)

Angela has great technique and always uses the right amount of pressure. Not only does she focus on the places in my back that are hurting, but she also brings balance by giving the whole body attention. She has amazing intuition and is really able to connect and listen to what the body really needs. I look forward to our sessions and always feel fantastic afterwards.

- Erin Russel (Denver, CO)

Angela does an excellent job of understanding any health needs you may have which she can address during the session. Her facility is very welcoming and provides a relaxing environment. She's earned and deserves a 5 star rating

-M.K. (Boulder, CO)

Angela has a gift for knowing what is going on in your body as she listens to your own verbal diagnosis of your body and through touch incorporates what is needed. She knows the anatomy of your body very well. I have had a pain in my foot for months and she was able to follow where that pain was coming from all the way up my calf. It feels so much better. She will listen to you in how deep to go in your muscles. I would recommend Angela because I believe she has a gift for healing in touch and is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. My body was noticeable relaxed for days after the massage. Thank you Angela we will see you again this month for another session.

- J.L. (Westcliffe, CO)

Angela is an enchanting magician. I had already considered training in cranio-sacral therapy in the past but my session with her session turned on the switch and I committed to doing it that day and started the next day...! Angela goes less deep into the body physically, which created less tension and resistance for me, while inviting the body to heal itself in a much deeper way than many massage therapists I have worked with. So wOnDeRfUL 💗 thank you again, Angela!

-Aurélie Roy (Boulder, CO)