Using Reiki, I connect with your inner wisdom to facilitate your self-healing. Providing your body, mind and spirit necessary support.

Reiki is often referred to as hands-on healing and can be used to bring balance, clarity and reorganization to any and all situations. It knows no boundary of space and time and can be used to repair events and patterns of the past. It can travel large distances to provide needed support no matter how far away you are from the practitioner. 

  • If you are receiving your session at my office, I will share with you any insights received post-session while we are together.
  • If you are receiving a distance session, I will email you a detailed report of insights received during my meditation

In Office or Distance Session Rates:

  • 45-60 Minutes: $75.00 

After a bodywork or energy work session, your body is in a process of reorganizing and integrating. This 12-24 hour period of time can feel out of the ordinary. Reiki Master, Angela Laurita, will send you daily Continuous Reiki over the course of the reorientation period if requested.

Continuous Reiki:

  • Continuous Reiki Daily for 2 days: $15.00 (Add on available for any session)